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4-5 days after you have had the test taken to check the results

I’ve had a blood test taken so what happens now?
Most tests have to be sent away to a hospital laboratory for analysis. An NHS courier collects tests every day at 1.30pm.

How long will I have to wait to get my test result?
Most tests are analysed within 1 week, however there are certain tests which require several weeks to be analysed. The person who asked you to have your test, or the person who took your test, will tell you approximately how long it will be for your test to be analysed.

How do I get my test result?
If you had your test because you are coming to see someone for a planned review, then you will receive your result at your review appointment unless it requires more urgent action.
Every result is reviewed when it arrives back in the practice by one of our clinical team. As we receive a large number of test results, it is not possible for each individual to be contacted.
For all other results the doctor will make a comment about any action that is required. If you contact the practice, the receptionist will be able to look up your test for you and tell you what the doctor’s comment has been, including any actions that we have taken or want you to take.
If your result is not back when you contact us you may be asked to phone back, usually within the next 24 hours, to allow time for the result to be reviewed.

What happens next?
If your result needs urgent action a doctor, nurse or receptionist will contact you by phone to discuss what action needs to be taken.
If your result needs action, but not urgently, the practice will contact you within an appropriate timescale to explain what action needs to be taken.
If no action is required the practice will not contact you. We do advise that you contact the practice 4-5 days after you have had the test to get your result.

What if you can’t contact me by telephone?
If action is required and we can’t contact you, we will send you a letter to let you know about your result or ask that you contact us.

How can I help?
It may be difficult to contact you during the day. If you have a mobile telephone number or an email address that you are happy for us to contact you on, please write your details on one of the forms at the reception desk and hand it into reception.

What if I need a copy of the result?
If you need a copy to take to an appointment or just for your records please ask reception when you phone about your result.

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